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Alfa - Cooking Tools

Alfa - Cooking Tools

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Pizza Tools 

  • The tools can be purchased individually or in sets
  • The tools are available in three lengths. 24”, 36” or 48”
  • 24" Length recommended for Nano Ovens 
  • 36" Length recommended for Ciao, 5 Minuti, 4 Pizze, Brio and Stone M Ovens
  • 48" Length reccommended for Stone L and Allegro Ovens
  • The tools are available in RED or BLACK.

Pizza Peel

  • Pizza peel (available in three sizes) is perforated to get rid of the extra flour, just like professional pizza chefs do. With its stainless steel structure, guaranteed robustness, cleanliness and easy-handling. Its rounded edge makes sliding pizza in or out of the oven a snap.

Pizza Turner/Round Peel

  • Pizza turner/round peel can be used to rotate pies in the oven; it is lightweight, sturdy and easy to handle. 

Ember Rake

  • Ember Rake allows you to prepare the oven floor and to move the ash, embers and burning wood to the side.


  • Brush is equipped with brass bristles which make for effective cleaning and more importantly, preserving the refractory floor. 

Ash Shovel

  • Ash Shovel allows for easy removal of ash and residue from oven floor.

Pizza Peel Set

  • The pizza peel set is the perfect combination of technology, performance and design. The first extendable pizza peels in the world! All peels can be screwed  and unscrewed as needed and give extra length with extensions. 
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