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Fontana - Wood-fired Oven Riser or Shelf

Fontana - Wood-fired Oven Riser or Shelf

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Riser or Shelf

Wood-fired Oven Riser

Ever wish your wood-fired oven were a little bit taller? This two piece riser installs easily to help alleviate this issue. By simply attaching the risers between the oven and the cart itself, one can easily raise their oven 6" for a better operating height for taller users. 

* Wood-fired Oven Riser is not compatible with gas-fired ovens or countertop models.

Wood-fired Oven Shelf

Ever wish you had more space on the side of your Fontana Forni wood-fired* oven? This easy to install side shelf makes adding workspace to your wood-fired oven incredibly simple. Slotted hooks allow you to simply slide the shelf into either side of the cart and your ready to go. Their sizes are as follows:

  • Margherita = 13"W x 31"D 
  • Mangiafuoco = 13"W x 31"D 
  • Marinara = 13"W x 42"D 

* The wood-fired oven side shelf is not compatible with gas-fired ovens.

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