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Jackson - Accessories

Jackson - Accessories

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Island Grillstone

  • The Island Grillstone™ is a new barbeque accessory made of naturally porous volcanic rock cut to fit most barbeques.
  • It's unique properties allow The Island Grillstone™ to hold the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring.

Smoker Box

  • For the subtle infusion of smoke into your grilling recipes use our Jackson Grills Smoker Box.
  • Remember, the wetter the wood, the better the smoke.

Pellet Diffuser

  • Add a rich smoky flavour to your favourite foods with this simple to use Jackson Grills Pellet Diffuser.
  • You can use any food grade wood pellets from the vast selection available in the market today.

Glass Kits

  • Glass kits come in your choice of black, blue or white.
  • They come with 8 stones and weigh 4.5kg. 
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