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Fontana - Tool Kits

Fontana - Tool Kits

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Tool Kit

Tool Kits

The Accessory Kits are the perfect combination of essential tools to get your with your oven.

Brass-Bristled Brush

  • This durable brush is the perfect tool for cleaning your oven's cooking surface. The brush's stiff brass bristles won't melt while cleaning a hot surface.
  • It's the ideal tool for clearing away any small particles on the left of the cooking surface.
  • The backside of the brush head also features a scraper to help remove more difficult bits that may get stuck to the cooking stone.
  • The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 48" in length.
  • The brush head is 10" long.
  • The total length of the brush is 51".

Turning Peel

  • The larger peels are perfect for getting pizzas into and out of the oven, but you need this handy turning peel when it's time to rotate the pizza.
  • It has a small head for adjustments and a long heat-resistant handle to keep your hands far away from the flames.
  • The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 45" in length.
  • The head of the turning peel has a diameter of 8".
  • The total length of the peel is 54".

Pizza Peel

  • You'll need a pizza peel to get your pizza onto that blazing-hot pizza stone.
  • Lightweight and sturdy, our pizza peel has a beveled edge, so it slides easily under your crust and just as quickly releases it onto the pizza stone.
  • Its small perforations allow excess flour or cornmeal to shake through rather than burn on the pizza stone.
  • Its long handle keeps your hands far from the heat.
  • The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 40" in length.
  • The head of the peel has a diameter of 13".
  • The total length of the peel is 54".

Infrared Thermometer

  • When cooking pizza in your Fontana oven, it is crucial to have the ability to accurately measure the temperature of your oven's cooking surface.
  • Our infrared thermometer uses laser technology to precisely measure the surface temperature of the cooking chamber floor inside of your oven.
  • The user simply points the thermometer's laser at the cooking chamber floor, and the unit will quickly display an accurate temperature reading on its backlit LCD.
  • While other infrared thermometers are available on the market, the infrared thermometer consistently provides accurate temperature measurements between-58°F - 986°F.
  • The infrared thermometer can display temperature readings Fahrenheit or Celsius and run on a single 9V battery.
  • The infrared thermometer is an invaluable tool that will help you cook in Fontana.

Ash Shovel

  • This long-handled shovel is a quick and convenient way of cleaning the ash out of your Fontana oven at the end of the evening, leaving it clean and ready for your next feast.
  • The lightweight, anodized aluminum handle is 40" in length. .
  • The head of the shovel is 7.75" wide.
  • The total length of the ash shovel is 50".

Pizza Tool Stand

  • The Pizza Tool Stand is an ideal solution for storing all of your long-handled pizza-making tools.
  • This stand works well for holding your pizza peel, turning peel, ash shovel, and brush.
  • The base is made of genuine marble, and the rest is fabricated using stainless steel.
  • The Pizza Tool Stand dimensions are 14"W x 10"D x 69" H.
  • Tools are sold separately.
  • Assembly required.
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