Collection: Alfa Ovens & Accessories

Alfa produces the most beautiful and easy, ready to use pizza ovens for indoor or outdoor kitchens on the market. Entirely made in Italy in their plant close to Rome, all models are suitable for baking, grilling, roasting and stewing. They are ​easy t​o use and you will be able to cook like a real chef.​​ Your cooking will be full of flavor every day.​

Their original and design patent ovens provide a high-performance cooking experience both in an outdoor kitchen or in a garden owing to the use of materials resistant to bad weather, humidity and with high insulating capability. Alfa is the handcrafted wood-burning oven that embellishes your villa, garden, or whatever.

The wood fire is synonymous with fascination; it always evokes feelings of pleasantness in your soul related to warm memories of the past. The fire blazing in the oven gives off homogeneous heat that supplies food with unique fragrance and flavour. The wood-burning oven is everything to everyone; by changing temperature and cooking times, you can cook whatever you want: meat, pasta, fish, puddings and you name it.